Take a Chance – You May Just Get What You’ve Always Wanted…

A Post About Taking Chances by Chanhassen Weight Loss & Fitness Expert Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, FMS

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It’s easy to get stuck from time to time. It may be the daily grind at work, commuter traffic as you come home or the same old, same old for dinner that you always have on hand. We all get ‘stuck’ in our lifestyle from time to time. But, we remain stuck because we don’t want to fail, lose out or run the risk of rejection. That’s why you need today—Take a Chance Day—to give yourself permission to say goodbye to what you know and walk straight towards the unknown.


Are you ready to shake some things up?

Do you want to boost your confidence and look amazing in the skin you’re in? Then prepare yourself…because when you learn to give yourself a chance by stepping out of your comfort zone (and truly take a chance on something new and different) you’ll find a new ‘you’ ready to take on those curve-balls that come flying!   Read More

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Easter Recipe Round-up

Chanhassen Weight Loss Expert and Nutrition Coach, Janell Yule, BS, CPT, FDN Provides Grain-free, Gluten-free Healthy Recipes for Easter


Another holiday is upon us; Easter Sunday is this upcoming weekend.  Having a plan going in and changing your mindset around any holiday is the key to successfully surviving it without derailing your health and fitness goals.  If you are hosting, it is much easier to control the options you will have for food.  If you are heading to a family member or friends house, make sure you bring at least two options of food that you want to eat.  Ideally one would be protein based and the other a vegetable.  Then you can fill in around that.

Your mindset going into any holiday or event is critical.  Viewing them, as an excuse or “pass” to eat processed junk foods and lots of sugar will only set you up for failure.  We all know that sugar is a slippery slope to go down.  Veering off the path of supportive nutrition too much just makes the days/weeks to follow that much harder.  I’m not saying that you need to completely avoid sugar or your favorite foods; I only want you to bring awareness to the choices you decide to make.  Know yourself, your triggers, and your goals and make the decisions that are right for you.


To make this a bit easier, below are some grain-free, gluten free, recipes for the upcoming Easter holiday.  Read More

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Spring has Sprung, Make Space for the New

Chanhassen Weight Loss Expert and Nutrition Coach, Janell Yule, BS, CPT, FDN Discusses Spring Cleaning for A Healthier Body


As I write this, I can hear the chirping of birds outside my home office window.  The sunshine is streaming in and it is a beautiful spring morning!  I don’t think I am the only one who is over the moon about the warmer temperatures, the sunshine, and the snow melting.  For many of us, springtime is a chance to get re-energized, re-motivated, and re-focused.  We step out of hibernation mode, as the days get longer.  We can let fresh air into our homes and bodies as the temperatures get warmer.


We re-commit to our health and fitness goals as the winter layers of clothing come off.  It’s a great time of year to do some “spring cleaning” mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Is Your Clutter Holding You Back

 What if I told you the key to achieving your health and fitness goals was to clear your clutter?

How could that be?  Clutter shows up in our life in so many different ways:  physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Ask yourself: 
Who (or what) is taking up space in my life? 
Are those people/things serving me in a positive manner that is moving me closer to my goals and improving my health and well being?

When life was less complicated, there was not near as many ways to accumulate clutter (unwanted stuff) as there is today.  Physically, clutter can show up for us in different areas including:

  • Clothes that don’t fit, or that you don’t wear
  • A refrigerator or pantry filled with expired foods or food that negatively affects your physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Books you no longer need or want to read
  • Excess paper clutter in offices
  • Email overwhelm and social media clutter of messages
  • Purses, wallets
  • Storage units, attics, and garages

And the list could go on…

We can also have emotional and/or mental clutter such as: 

  • Negative belief patterns and “stories” that we continue to tell ourselves
  • Relationships that are negative and draining
  • Negative self-talk
  • Resentment, disappointment/hurt, and/or guilt and shame that we haven’t let go of

Now, if you go back to my original question I posed about clearing your clutter being the key to achieving your health and fitness goals, it makes sense!!! 

If you continue to keep foods in your house that don’t positively support your body and your goals chances are you won’t reach them.  Continually telling yourself negative “stories” about how you are “not enough,” not deserving, or will never achieve your goals because of X, Y, or Z reason isn’t going to get you there.  Surrounding yourself with individuals who are unsupportive of your goals surely isn’t going to get you any closer to being the best version of YOU that you can be.  Get the pictureJ


Positive Benefits of Clearing Clutter


  1. You will feel less anxious.  Clutter is usually made up of stuff that is either junk, unfinished projects, or things that need to be handled that we are avoiding.  All of these looming messages in your environment, are like trying to tuck a bad memory away instead of dealing with it head on.
  2. Your days will be more productive.  When you don’t have physical obstacles like piles of paper staring at you it is likely you will get more done in less time.
  3. You may lose some weight!  Excess clutter can be correlated with excess weight.  Our environments are an external mirror of our internal mind and life, when you free yourself of extra stuff, pounds tend to come off.
  4. You’ll be free of emotional stagnation.  Releasing any things  that you are holding onto from the past will help you to feel more free and present.
  5. Your mental focus will sharpen.  Clear spaces and countertops are a feng shui way to express metal energy.  Metal energy helps you to think sharply and zero in on the tasks that you select as important.
  6. Your creativity can flourish.  When you shake yourself free of “stuff” you don’t need, you become for open for energy to flow freely.
  7. You’ll get allergy relief.  Stuff collects dust, chemicals, mites, bugs, and even mold.
  8. You’ll be open to opportunity.  You may find money and/or greater opportunity both personally and professionally.
  9. You’ll get a self-esteem boost.  Clutter decreases our self-esteem with reminders of things we don’t need or want to see. 
  10. You’ll have more energy and be happier!  When there is nothing impeding your environment, you might feel lightness and greater energy!


Get Started

Getting started at anything is ALWAYS the hardest part!  Simply clearing one drawer or small space can open up your heart and mind to new possibilities.  You will feel a sense of relief and will have more energy to continue the process. 


Three Tips to Get Started

  1. Start small and build momentum.  This will give you more energy to tackle the larger spaces.
  2. Complete one area at a time.  If you go back and forth between different spaces you end up scattering your energy and you won’t see results anywhere.
  3. Clean up after each session.  Take the garbage to the dump.  Place donation bags, dry cleaning and things to be repaired in your trunk to drop off.  Tidy up the area where you worked so you can see your progress.

I was able to take some time over spring break to do some MUCH NEEDED de-cluttering and I can honestly say I do have more energy, feel lighter (physically & emotionally), and am able to be more productive.  This is an area that I struggle with but I am committed to working on it because I can see the benefits spill over into other areas of my life. 


I am in control and I will no longer let stuff or people hold me back from living the life I desire!!!



Janells signature Spring has Sprung, Make Space for the New

Janell Yule, BS, CPT, FDN

Janell Yule, BS, CPT, FDN is the Chief Nutrition Officer of Fitness Revolution in Chanhassen, MN.  She also provides Functional Diagnostic Nutrition testing and tele-coaching to clients across the nation.  To learn more about this service simply CLICK HERE.

Janell holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Wellness with a Minor in Psychology.  Janell is also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, as well as a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Janell has been helping clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals since 2005, and was voted as Best Coach in Chanhassen in 2008.  Today she partners with her husband, Justin Yule, and helps local Chanhassen area residents achieve their health & fitness goals at Chanhassen Fitness Revolution.  To contact Janell for training, education or to have her speak at an event please email janell@chanhassenfitnessrevolution.com.

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Permission to Fail

A Post About Failing to Achieve Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals by Chanhassen Weight Loss & Fitness Expert Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, FMS


Over the years as both a fitness enthusiast and fitness coach I’ve learned many valuable lessons to help my clients lose weight, feel great, and ultimately be the best version of themselves.  However, I think one lesson – one I rarely talk about in the way I will today – stands above all the rest…


It’s NOT a lesson about exercise program design, advanced nutrition practices, or anything of the sort.  In addition, it’s a LIFE lesson that can and should be used when wanting to accomplish anything.  I certainly have used it as an entrepreneur, and I’ve come across countless others from fitness business coaching clients of mine to my most successful mentors… Read More

Agonist Supersets Interval Training

A Method Behind the Madness Post on Agonist Supersets Interval Training by Chanhassen Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMS

supersets Agonist Supersets Interval Training


Get ready for one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE high-intensity interval training formats – Agonist Superset Interval Training…


Before I get into the nitty gritty and what makes this training style so super, allow me a few moments to reminisce about the good old days…


Whenever I incorporate any kind of superset training into my group personal training (boot camp) program I always think back to my high school and college training days.  Here’s why:


The term “Superset” was coined by the late, great bodybuilding trainer, magazine publisher, and supplement & equipment manufacturer Joe Weider.


Besides being a major influence on some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and the oh-so beautiful and talented superstar Cory Everson – who’s still rocking it at over 50 years old these days! – Joe had a major influence on ME!


Core Everson Agonist Supersets Interval Training  Arnold and Joe Agonist Supersets Interval Training


That’s right… If it wasn’t for my dad first introducing me to the gym and the initial inspiration, education and motivation I got from Joe’s magazines & programs (I even went to his summer camp!) I might not be doing what I do today! Read More

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

A Post About How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Your Goals, Have More Fun, and Get the Most Out of Life by Chanhassen Weight Loss & Fitness Expert Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, FMS


Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone can be a REALLY scary thing!!!  We all want to feel successful.  When we set a goal or take on something that is unfamiliar to us or we have never done before FEAR starts to creep in.  Our minds create these stories that most/all of time are not even close to the truth!!!


Can you think of a time when you created the worst case scenario for an event or situation only to have it turn out great?!?! 


I know that I can… Read More

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It’s Time to Drop Perfection

Guest Post by Jennifer Grant of Chanhassen Fitness Revolution and Inspiring Radiance about NOT Being Perfect


For many years I did everything perfect.  I had the perfectly kept home, dinner was on the table and ready to go each night, my daughter always had fresh clothes and a packed lunch, we spent family time together having great adventures with everything planned, and I always made sure my work was a priority.  From the outside, it looked perfect and people often commented about how I “have it all together”.  


If only I had the courage then to realize and share what I’m going to share now… Read More

How Daylight Savings Time Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Fit

A Post on Daylight Savings Time and It’s Effect on Weight Loss and Fitness by Chanhassen Weight Loss & Fitness Expert Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, FMS


This past Sunday, March 9th, marked the date we change our clocks in observance of Daylight Saving Time.  On this day, most U.S. residents (my buddies in AZ really mess me up with the time change) moved their clocks forward one hour, resulting in more daylight at the end of each day. 

Clock Faces How Daylight Savings Time Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Fit

Many people dread this “spring forward” tradition, because it means getting one less hour of sleep (for that day, and the subsequent days of internal clock adjustment).   But you can take advantage of the time change to help you improve your overall fitness and health routine.  Read More

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Celebrate Everyday!

Chanhassen Weight Loss Expert and Nutrition Coach, Janell Yule, BS, CPT, FDN Shares a Birthday Lesson on How to Celebrate YOU!

CelebrateYou Celebrate Everyday!

Monday I celebrated my 32nd birthday!  I enjoyed a weekend full of my favorite things:  yoga, baking, movies, reading, and relaxing on the couch with my boys.  I made sure to plan a weekend that celebrated ME.  Too often we get caught up in the “should” and “have to” in life and lose sight of the things we enjoy doing and support our physical, emotional, and mental well being. 

 What better time to do that then on/around your birthday?

I have found over the course of the last few years that the more actions I take to positively feed my mind, body, and soul the happier I am, the more productive I am, and the better person, coach, friend, daughter, and spouse I am.

 It doesn’t need to be your birthday to celebrate YOU! Read More

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You Become What You Think About

A Post on How Your Thoughts Create Your Results by Chanhassen Weight Loss Expert Justin Yule, BS, CPT, FMS

 Mind Concept Illustration You Become What You Think About

Have you ever heard the saying, “You reap what you sow?”  

Well, there is more to that saying than what you might think it means for agriculture.  It seems as though the human mind can be compared to a plot of fertile land, merely reaping what has been planted there by the person experiencing life.  In essence, our existence will ultimately resemble a living garden, overgrown with the things we think about – beautiful flowers or ugly weeds – and our thoughts are the seeds of our fate.  Read More

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